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Are your kids bored?

The Kids Are Bored!
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Activities for Kids and Babies
Are your kids bored? Heck, are YOU bored? We all know the struggle of keeping each day exciting and different with the kids. This community is aimed at making that struggle a little easier. Each post should contain an idea for an activity for parents to do with kids, families to do together, or for kids to do alone.

This community is open to all, but everyone must play nice. No snarking. No drama.

Posts should be titled with an age range and "indoor" or "outdoor". Alternately, feel free to post a "day in the life of a ___ month/year old".

The memories section will be organized accordingly.

For example: "6-9 months - indoor" would be your title, and your post would consist of the activity.

This is not a community to debate parenting skills or styles, but is a community to offer support to parents who need some creative and enriching ideas for children and their families. Its about the kids!

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